Blake Eckel

Life and Annuity Consultant

Blake is young, ambitious, and eager to learn.  Each new day adds experience to his resume'. Education and earning professional designations are an ongoing part of his formal learning process.  On the other hand, Blake feels his youth is his greatest asset.  It gives him time to learn the business the proper way – slow, deliberate, and methodical.

Blake's father, Tim Eckel, is his mentor.  Tim's been a financial advisor for over 25 years!  Blake feels he's his greatest resource and will not hesitate to consult “dad” for feedback and direction, when needed.

His personal goals are to help as many people understand the importance of protecting their family, and starting to save early in life for retirement.  And, secondly, he wants to advance his knowledge of the financial services industry by taking accredited courses offered by the American College.  Currently, he is a licensed insurance agent.

While government and employer offered retirement plans may be part of the solution, he believes we must all take personal responsibility for our financial security throughout life.  It's not hard.  It just takes a little discipline and commitment.

If you're looking for unconventional solutions to age-old problems, Blake would like to apply for the job of being your “agent of change”.  

Blake is a native Georgian who resides in Alpharetta.  Anything having to do with technology, he embraces.  He plays golf, and at 6'6” tall, is your atypical hockey player, who on the ice, can be very intimidating.  Off the ice, he's a real nice guy.

Blake holds an active insurance license for Life, Accident & Sickness in the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas. 

                       Blake does not hold a securities license and is not affiliated with Center Street Securities, Inc. or Center Street Advisors, Inc.

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